Special events or just a night out.


EXPRESS APPLICATION                                                                                         35

Perfect after any service!  Application focus is given to eyes, cheeks & lips.                                          

MAKEUP LESSON                                                                                                 75

Work with our makeup artist to achieve the look you want and accentuate your best features.

SPECIAL EVENT MAKEUP                                                                                      75

Perfect for an evening out! Feel and look your best with a little confidence boost!


Flair Eyelashes                                                                                                     20

Just a little "hint" of glamour on the outer lashes. 

Express Facial (before application)                                                                      45

A great way to prepare the skin for the makeup application by creating the "glow".

Lash Tint                                                                                                              35

Tinting creates the illusion of mascara without you actually having to swipe it on. Definitely a must if your lashes are blonde or you just dont want to worry about mascara when going to the beach!

Brow Tinting                                                                                                        15

A good way to make your brows look fuller and more youthful. It is a semipermanent procedure which, with good care, lasts 2-3 weeks. (Results may vary).

Brow Wax and Tint Combo                                                                                   32