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With the lashes you always dreamed of.


Lash Tinting                                                                                35

Tinting creates the illusion of mascara without you actually having to swipe it on.

Definitely a must if your lashes are blonde or you just don't want to worry about

mascara when going to the beach!

LASH AND BROW TINTING COMBO                                             50

LASH CURLING (LIFT)                                                                  75

Upturn your lashes to give yourself fuller and longer looking lashes in this semi-permanent

60 min treatment.

LASH CURLING AND TINTING                                                      90  

Add tinting to your curl to get ultimate results and go each day without mascara!





Go ahead ladies put away the mascara and bat those eyes with confidence with ultra-full, look-at-me lashes. Individual lashes are applied, with top of the line products seemlessly for a natural look.


CLASSIC FULL SET                                                               175

Designed to give you longer and thicker lashes while still looking conservative
 VOLUMINOUS FULL SET                                                    200

One of our most loved set that will transform your eyes with lifted, thicker, longer lashes.

X-TREME VOLUME FULL SET                                               250

Fluffy, lightweight and luxurious. Not only suited for a Bride's special day but also for the ultimate 

glamorous look.

2 WEEK FILL / 2 WEEK MINK FILL                                   55 / 60

3 WEEK  FILL / 3 WEEK MINK REFILL                                   80 / 85 +                                      



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